Our Story

Golf is wonderful. We can spend precious time with friends and family. It sometimes helps to improve the relationship with partners in the business scene. Several years has passed since I started playing golf, and I was getting into it gradually, but deeply.
Why did I get into it so much?
I was addicted to the continuation of obstacle and conquest, and getting involved a loop of a challenge, a collapse and an improvement.
It reminds me of the feeling when I encountered a guitar. While I was practicing guitar eagerly to improve my play, I was getting into the world of the guitar addiction

For me, music, especially ROCK is the symbolic culture for the time of my formative period. I was always spending my time with rock music, and it became an inseparable part of my life.
While I have owned various musical instruments since I started playing guitar, I noticed that a maturity of play will increase the sense of adhered to the instruments.
The chain of a commitment and a desire came out from the felling that wants to stand out in play, wants to own something different from others and wants to appeal own personality. One’s commitment to favorite gears is for everything even in rock music or in golf. Therefore the brand “SATISFACTION” was born very naturally from inside of myself who was formed in such cross culture.
“SATISFACTION” is an exclusive brand which established by the people who spend the same era as we were running through.